Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow my goodness!

I love snow, I always have. There is something magical about it, the way it falls, the way it smells, the way it tastes and the way it makes everything so quiet. However, I think I may have over romanticized it in my mind...until now. We have had fun hanging out at home. Lots of cooking and watching Netflix together, warm fires and even a sledding trip. I think day three of the first week (last Thursday) was the hardest. We were all cranky and feeling trapped. Plus Isaac had a nasty head cold. All romantic thoughts of being snowed in quickly faded. Now we are kind of used to everyone being here. Caleb is crazy happy to have Isaac and Abbey as playmates all day. When they go back to school it is gonna be hard on us both.

I am continually amazed at how much Isaac and Abbey love playing with Caleb. Of course there are times when they want their space, but most of the time they are begging to get him up from his nap or chasing him around the house. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think they would love him so much and it is something I praise God for everyday. Caleb loves to just sit in Abbey's bed with her, and he is into phones so this was a good time filler. He wanted to wear her hat so she naturally wore her scarf so they could match.

It was fun watching Abbey and Caleb run from window to window, saying "It's snowing" over and over. It was like Christmas morning. Abbey was the dutiful big sister and made sure Caleb had a good view of the action. The picture on the left is the view from the side kitchen window. The drifts were like art and fun to watch shift as the wind and snow continued through the morning. The picture on the right is the view from the front window, looking along the front of the house.
It seemed that everyone was posting snow ice cream recipes and Abbey kept begging to make some so we did. I waited until it snowed again on Friday and sat a bowl out to catch the snow. Something about using what had already fallen didn't appeal to me. I found a recipe on and we added cinnamon to it. Abbey did it all pretty much by herself and ate most of it too, but not all in one day. Truth is it wasn't the most yummy thing I have eaten (note to self: don't catch the snow in a metal bowl next time), but it was fun to make.
I tried my hand at making snowman pancakes after reading about them in another blog (Lane Moss showin' da moms up) and was only able to make one that looked right. Oh well, it was fun trying. Abbey was the lucky consumer of Frosty the whole wheat flap jack. I promise it wasn't as "blackened" as it looks in the pictures. It just showed up that way for some reason.
Will shoveled all the snow out of our driveway but I am not posting the pictures I took of him because he wasn't very happy I took them to begin with. However, he did an amazing job and we were able to get out and go sledding on Saturday...which I will post about sometime this week. I am also hoping to post about Caleb's goins ons soon so hold me accountable. I have several pictures of him up to no good and the stories to go with them.