Friday, January 21, 2011

Why we love the Skirvin!

A few weeks ago I asked Will what he wanted for his birthday (it was Tuesday). He told me he just wanted a weekend with just me and to stay at the Skirvin. We haven't had an overnight alone since before I got pregnant with Caleb three years ago. Needless to say I was pretty thrilled about his request.

So last Friday night we dropped off Caleb at my parent's house (Isaac and Abbey were with their dad) to be watched by my friend, Jamie, until my parents got home from the PAC to take over for her. Then it was off the the city!

After we checked in we walked to Bricktown and had dinner at Abuelo's. Yum! It was nice to walk back to the hotel after dinner and just take in the cold air and sights and sounds of downtown. The next morning we slept in (heaven) and then went to breakfast at the buffet downstairs (heaven again). After we stuffed ourselves we went back up to our room to get ready to check out and as we did I started to take in the interior of the Skirvin. We have stayed there before but I was so in love with the exterior, taking pictures of the architecture, that I didn't really pay much attention to the inside. As I did I started to realize a little more of why we are so drawn to this hotel.

For starters, the whole hotel is decorated in red, black and beige. The same colors we have in our bedroom. I kept looking at the back of this chair, trying to think why I should like it. Really, I am not lieing. Will finally pointed it out to me. "SH" (Skirvin Hilton) is monogrammed everywhere. It's like this hotel was custom made for me! The other thing we love about the Skirvin is that the service is amazing. When we checked in we asked to purchase the romance package (Will had tried to when he made the reservation but wasn't able to). They apologized and said that they didn't have any more available due to a wedding party staying there. They then gave us vouchers for the breakfast buffet free of charge. Will and I are also history buffs so we love that the Skirvin has a wonderful story to it, rich in historical lore. We love the whole feel of this lovely hotel. It's pretty much the perfect place for us, especially for a weekend getaway.

After we checked out we went to the Bass Pro shop and then for a walk down the canal. We have been to Bricktown a few times before but have never walked the full length of the canal and the weather was perfect for it! We stopped for a late lunch at Falcone's. Delicious! We headed home through Tulsa in the late after noon, getting back to Muskogee around 8 pm. Whew! Fast but fun!

We had a such a great time! We came back refreshed and relaxed and ready to see our littlest man. A big thanks to mom, dad and Jamie for watching Caleb Bear. It meant a lot to us to have people we trust watching him while we were gone.